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Fiber optic for Tenants in Hulan and Säteriet

Digital communication is developing at a rapid pace, and many of us use the Internet daily for shopping, banking and watching TV from all corners of the globe. We work from home, use social media, play computer games and have conversations with family and doctors by video communication.

In order to meet today’s increasing need, and not least that of the future, of a stable and dependable solution for Internet, TV and telephone, fiber is the best option. The fiber optic cabling is made to be upgraded and is furthermore a reliable solution that can withstand both thunder and strong winds. 

In your apartment in Hulan or Säteriet there is fiber today, but with some limitations. We are now replacing the equipment which creates opportunities for you to order new and faster connection at speeds up to 1 Gbit/s

In order to get access to the higher speed we need your approval since the installation involves a rent increase. In cooperation with Hyresgästföreningen / the Swedish Union of Tenants we have agreed upon a rent increase of 25 SEK per month and apartment. 

What will happen to my present choice of TV programs included in the rent?

Your analogue TV channels included in the rent are not affected by the optic fiber installation. You will keep all the analogue channels that you currently have.

What will be the charge for the broadband or TV channels? 

At this stage you don’t have to choose what TV channels you would like or how fast your Internet connection would be. What you will say yes or no to at this stage is the cost of the optic fiber installation and thus have the opportunity later to get the broadband connection and/or TV channels. We will then in good time inform you of how to choose services and how much the charges will be. 

You will be able to order the services on a portal where you can choose your provider. As soon as we know which providers will be in the network, we can give you the exact charges. Below are examples of current priceranges for similar portals and companies:
(N.B. These are example charges. Final charges only after installation.)
Broadband 100/10 Mbit/s: 129 -339 SEK/month
Broadband 250/100 Mbit/s: 99 - 405 SEK/month
Broadband 1000/1000 Mbit/s: 329 -899 SEK/month

TV 15-20 channels: 200 - 300 SEK/month
TV 70-80 channels: 300 - 500 SEK/month

What will happen next?

In order to carry out the installation we need a positive answer from more than half of the tenants in each building. So, it is very important that you say yes, if you would like us to carry out the installation, or no, if you would not like us to.We will present the results as they come in and if necessary send out reminders.

As soon as we have a positive response we can set up a schedule for the installation. Then we will also be able to tell you when the installation will start in you building. The goal is that all Förbo tenants will have fiber before the end of 2020. 

You can also email or call us if you have any questions about the installation:
E-mail: info@foerbo.se
Phone: 031-746 50 00

AktivBo will collect the attestations

As with the customer survey, our collaborator AktivBo will assist Förbo in collecting the attestations. You can also call AktivBo if you have any questions about the collection of attestations.You will reach AktivBo at this number: 08-233985.